Liminal Psychotherapy

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, I can change.”

– Carl Rogers


Utilizing a trauma-informed approach, I work with a variety of issues which include the following:

Complex PTSD

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder comes as a result of repeated traumatic events that occur over time. Complex PTSD may include instances of childhood abuse, sexual or emotional abuse, violence, neglect or abandonment, or witnessing several acts of violence. Addressing trauma can help you live life with meaning, purpose, and feeling regulated in everyday situations. 

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse occurs in faith communities in which leadership misuses their power. This can look like physical or sexual abuse, gaslighting, shaming and humiliation, threatening loss of community, lack of boundaries, exploitation of time and resources, etc. This can lead to disorientation and confusion. Healing can allow you to feel you have more control of your life, a sense of autonomy, and a more balanced sense of what you believe and why. 

Family History & Childhood Impact (Attachment)

Every family has its own dynamics. Sometimes those dynamics create problems within those relationships and in other outside relationships. Often, our style of relating stems from childhood attachment problems resulting in issues with communication, conflict, fears of abandonment or rejection, lack of healthy self-esteem, and healthy boundary setting. Addressing your family history and the impact on your childhood can help resolve problems in adult relationships. 

My training and experience has led me to working with those who have experienced trauma in a variety of settings. Where I specialize and shine is in working with those with complex PTSD, spiritual/religious abuse, dissociative disorders, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the impact of attachment related issues stemming from your family of origin.

Services Include:
-Complex PTSD
-Religious Abuse/Harm
-Religious Deconstruction
-Attachment related issues
-Life Transitions

I prioritize my efforts towards creating an inclusive environment that is anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ affirming, weight inclusive, sex-positive, feminist, pro-immigrant, neurodiversity-affirming, and disability justice-oriented. I aim to welcome all who enter my office as a safe space where you can be who you are fully. I know I won’t always get it right and when I don’t, I invite you to help me better understand how I can grow in creating a more equitable and inclusive space.

I cannot offer 24/7 intervention crisis and am therefore unsuitable to assist with active suicidality, serious mental illness, active addiction, or active eating disorder intervention. If you are a resident of Spokane, WA please call 211 or 988 for assistance finding the right care if any of the aforementioned applies to you.